TV Fan Tees Top Sellers in 2020

2020 wasn't great, but we did have some great television to keep us entertained as we sheltered at home and kept each other safe by avoiding gatherings. Staying home meant more TV time. With a wealth of great programming, that's something we can't complain about. Here are our top selling tees for 2020.

Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. T-Shirt

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Schitt's Creek triumphed at the Emmy Awards and it triumphed in our collective closets by being a top seller above all others. This simple phrase said between David and Stevie makes a fun inside-joke kind of fan t-shirt.

Ew, David Schitt's Creek T-Shirt

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Ah yes, the Schitt's Creek catchphrase that everyone knows -- even those who've never seen the show. Ew, David shirts in several incarnations were top sellers in 2020.

Into the Wine Not the Label T-Shirt

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Another classic saying from David, this one has a deeper meaning that's perfect for fans of the show or anyone who is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Rose Apothecary Logo T-Shirt

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The final top seller in the Schitt's Creek category was a top very similar to this  Rose Apothecary shop logo style dark gray t-shirt.

Star Trek: Discovery DISCO T-Shirt

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There was a lot of new Star Trek to enjoy in 2020, with the premiere of both Picard and Lower Decks, plus the third season of Discovery. This simple Discovery logo t-shirt was hot in 2020.

Green The Office Quotes Fan T-Shirt

Quotes and memorable moments from The Office are featured in a pleasing grid on this awesome t-shirt for fans. Images, labels, and of course the most famous quote of all "That's what she said" are featured inside different icons. Look closely to see all of the fun and...

Thanksgiving Feast with Taz T-Shirt

Get ready for your Thanksgiving feast with this funny t-shirt featuring Looney Tunes personality Taz, the charismatic and crazy Tasmanian Devil. For a character that has an insatiable appetite, Thanksgiving is a high priority date. And this funny t-shirt design shows it! The Taz t-shirt features the carnivore...

It's Time for Animaniacs T-Shirt

It was first time for Animaniacs way back in 1993 when the hit animated comedy first premiered. And it's time again, since the show was revived back in November 2020 and renewed for a second revival season expected to drop some time in 2021!  This fun Animaniacs t-shirt...

Stranger Things Welcome to Hawkins Silhouettes T-Shirt

The gang of friends from Stranger Things is featured here in silhouette style, each striding a bicycle just on the outskirts of their hometown, Hawkins, Indiana. The scene is at night and the kids stand four across in the road, looking at a starry sky over town. The...